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Humiliation Day


Eighty years ago the inland of Bohemia and Moravia were occupied by the Wehrmacht.

A day before Slovakia had declared independence and became the Third Reich´s vassal state. The servicemen of Czech nationality in garrisons on the Slovak territory were ordered to return home. Some of them were treated badly by the Slovak chauvinists. For instance all the F/O Stan Fejfar´s [Feyfar] belongings was taken from him by them. This fighter pilot was driven to the Moravian border by them wearing only a few pieces of his clothing.

It was snowing on March 15, 1939 so flying to Poland despite the HQ´s order would have been risky. On arrival of the occupants to each station of the former Czechoslovak Air Force German guardswere posted both outside all hangars the and planes in the open. The Czech both air- and groundcrew were barred from approaching them.

In some cities – eg at Prostejov[Prostyeyov] - was the traffic ordered to be kept to left immediately on the arrival of the German officers to a local townhall. The soldiers of the Wehmacht launched buying goods in bulk at shops instantly. Not only butter.

Winston Churchill proved to be right on that day. He had commented the Munich Agreement´s signature by Neville Chamberlain shortly on Sep 29, 1938 as followed - ´ You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour and you will have war´


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