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This website came into existence as an reaction to the complaints of headmasters of the Prostejov Region Elementary Schools who had not had funds enough for hiring a bus for each group of pupils to see the exhibits mentioned below in person at the Plumlov Chateau.

Placing the exhibition in its place is logical due to existence of the Prostejov[Prostyeyov] and Stichovice[Styikhovvitse] EFTSs between the Wars. Some cadets spent their leisure time at the Plumlov water reservoir or at the pond in the shade of the Plumlov Chateau.

  • 28. 5. 2019

    Victim of Communist Regime

    Viktor Waidlich in a loft of a house seventy years ago.Born at the village of Krise nr Rokycany on Sep 14, 1918 14. 9. 1918. During WWII he was sent to the German town of Kiel to work there – Total Einsatz. In Dec 1944 he joined the transport bound Switzerland. Via France to the English Channel. In Jan 1945 he sailed to England. Enlisted in the RAF Service No 788801 AC2. Posted to the Czechoslovak No 311 Bomber Sqn on Jan 9, 1945. Ground Staff. He could not undergo any other course due to the End of Hostilities in sight. Awarded the Cz Memory Medal. Promoted to LAC on June 15, 1945. He arrived in his Motherland on Aug 21, 1945. More detailed info about Viktor´s death in the ´Death instead of Arrest´ Documentary: He was not an only one. Several others are mentioned on the website – Exhibition – Victims of the communist regime. But neither Waidlich nor Flight Mechanic E - LAC Vladislav Roubal are among them. The latter had been born on Dec 31, 1920 at the town of Semily. Service No 787133 Shot dead while escaping on Oct 15, 1951. Assistence of Mr Vaclav Waidlich – Viktor´s nephew - is much appreciated.

  • 16. 5. 2019

    Political Indoctrination

    It was experienced by Cz airmen at the Kubinka air base seventy five years ago. Out of question in the RAF for them.

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  • 15. 5. 2019

    Double Standard

    Seventy five year ago it was experienced by an excellent fighter pilot F/Lt Vaclav Jicha DFC [Venda Yeekha]

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  • 30. 4. 2019

    Consul Vladimir Znojemsky

    Eighty years ago he made establishing of No 1 Czechoslovak Military Group possible at Krakow.

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  • 31. 3. 2019

    Arnost Valenta

    He was shot dead seventy five years ago. As an only airman of fifty one Czechoslovak members of the RAF made POWs by the Germans during WWII

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