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This website came into existence as an reaction to the complaints of headmasters of the Prostejov Region Elementary Schools who had not had funds enough for hiring a bus for each group of pupils to see the exhibits mentioned below in person at the Plumlov Chateau.

Placing the exhibition in its place is logical due to existence of the Prostejov[Prostyeyov] and Stichovice[Styikhovvitse] EFTSs between the Wars. Some cadets spent their leisure time at the Plumlov water reservoir or at the pond in the shade of the Plumlov Chateau.

  • 15. 3. 2018

    Patriot aged sixteen

    Eager to join the Czechoslovak Foreign Army in France he made himself one year older in 1940.

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  • 24. 2. 2018

    Ready to take power

    Seventy years ago S/L Joe Bryks MBE and other officers - former RAF men - were taken away outside their garrison of Olomouc.

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  • 27. 1. 2018

    Armourer for first time

    Today F/Sgt Cyril Sklenar´s death anniversary is remembered by us

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  • 3. 1. 2018

    Forgotten victims

    Seventy five years ago about ten family members of both the RAF and the Land Army men were murdered in a gas chamber of the Auschwitz Extermination Camp.

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  • 22. 11. 2017

    Notice board

    It was erected seven months after unveiling a memorial dedicated to four heroes who had been born at the village of Topolany.

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