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This website came into existence as an reaction to the complaints of headmasters of the Prostejov Region Elementary Schools who had not had funds enough for hiring a bus for each group of pupils to see the exhibits mentioned below in person at the Plumlov Chateau.

Placing the exhibition in its place is logical due to existence of the Prostejov[Prostyeyov] and Stichovice[Styikhovvitse] EFTSs between the Wars. Some cadets spent their leisure time at the Plumlov water reservoir or at the pond in the shade of the Plumlov Chateau.

  • 9. 2. 2017

    Memorial plaque in pipeline

    Will be unveiled in the park of the village of Topolany nr Olomouc at 2.30 p.m. on Apr 6.

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  • 8. 2. 2017

    Metodej Vlach

    This both designer and manufacturer of No 1 Czech powered aircraft passed away sixty years ago.

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  • 16. 12. 2016

    General Imrich Gablech

    The oldest Cz RAF veteran passed away this morning.

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  • 29. 11. 2016

    Step named after two RAF men

    It has been seen at the town of Uhersky Brod since Nov 15, 2016

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  • 22. 10. 2016

    Forgotten Kloboucnik

    One of two founders of the Czechoslovak Night Fighter Air Force met his death seventy five years ago.

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