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These ones came into existence as an reaction to the complaints of headmasters of the Prostejov Region Elementary Schools who had not had funds enough for hiring a bus for each group of pupils to see the exhibits mentioned below in person at the Plumlov Chateau.

Placing the exhibition in its place is logical due to existence of the Prostejov[Prostyeyov] and Stichovice[Styikhovvitse] EFTSs between the Wars. Some cadets spent their leisure time at the Plumlov water reservoir or at the pond in the shade of the Plumlov Chateau.

  • 2. 7. 2015

    Oath of Allegiance

    It had been sworn by twenty eight newly commissioned F/Os at the Hranice Military Academy eighty years ago on the battle of Zborov anniversary.

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  • 9. 5. 2015

    Plaque to former Chairman

    It was unveiled on occasion of the sixtieth death anniversary of the Pre-WWII Chairman of the Czechoslovak Republic´s Airmen Association on his native house.

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  • 1. 5. 2015

    You are invited

    The event of unveiling a plaque dedicated to a former Chairman of the Czechoslovak Republic´s Airmen Association will be held on May 8 at 9 am

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  • 27. 4. 2015

    King of Air

    Seventy five years ago a legendary aerobat Cpt Frantisek Novak passed away.

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  • 27. 4. 2015

    Anniversary of accordion player

    Kitchen Chief of Cz 311 Bomber Sqn Mr Florian Jahoda was born a hundred and ten years ago.

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