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Who we are

This website was pre-paid by our Plumlov No 9 Branch of the Czech Airmen Association in 2007. This domain had not been available for several years even to the CAA`s Prague Kbely HQ and that reason for they had to use the domain, as done to date. We post this information of the utmost importance on the first page to prevent you from mistaking these two above mentioned domains.
Our Branch came into existence in 2004 initiated by an Ex- Serviceman named Mr Boleslav Povolny who used to be a test pilot picked by a Albatros jet`s designer Jan Vlcek into his team.
Our activities
The main task of our Plumlov Branch is taking care of fifty-one panels of the Exhibition whose pictures have been going dog eared not only due to humidity in this ancient building. Moving from the ground floor in the lower first one, the level of humidity was reduced significantly. Because the Wings of Victory Exhibition covers only a part of the Czechoslovak Air Force`s history, twelve more panels were added in 2005 tracing the 1918-1939 and 1945-1993 time frames as well as the whereabouts of Sgt. Alois Dvorak who had been born in Plumlov and met his death while serving with No 310 Cz. Fiohter Sqn.
Six more white panels were joined in 2008, three of them dedicated to the RAF members who had been born within the Region of Prostejov or underwent their training here between the wars or served here after end of hostilities.
As an reaction to my lecturing at the Jiri Wolker Grammar School in Prostejov a student Jaroslav Braun wrote an essay on a list of the RAF airmen whose urns had been laid in the RAF Airmen Memorial in the Prostejov Cem in 1998.This list is seen in the Texts and Essays Section. We all have to admit that this Memorial a brainchild of our Secretary Mr Povolny is in spite all the odds.