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No CS03 Panel

025 D-52 Junkers Ju-52/3m 026 S-95 Lavochkin La5FN 027 K-62 Polikarpov Po-2 028 B-33 Ilyushin Il-10 029 B-33 030 B-33 031 B-33 032 B-33 033 S-199 Czech made Messerschmitt 109 034 034 CS-199 a double seater S-199 035 K-68 Piper L-4 036 D-47 Douglss C-47

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Guide along the Exhibits

As information in both the languages as the pictures are available on the website of the Free Czechoslovak Air Force thanks to Mr Tom Dolezal, whose father had served with the Czechoslovak No 311 Bomber Sqn and attacked an Alsterufer blockade runner in the Gulf of Biscay on Dec 27, 1943.

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