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  • 28. 5. 2019

    Victim of Communist Regime

    Viktor Waidlich in a loft of a house seventy years ago.Born at the village of Krise nr Rokycany on Sep 14, 1918 14. 9. 1918. During WWII he was sent to the German town of Kiel to work there – Total Einsatz. In Dec 1944 he joined the transport bound Switzerland. Via France to the English Channel. In Jan 1945 he sailed to England. Enlisted in the RAF Service No 788801 AC2. Posted to the Czechoslovak No 311 Bomber Sqn on Jan 9, 1945. Ground Staff. He could not undergo any other course due to the End of Hostilities in sight. Awarded the Cz Memory Medal. Promoted to LAC on June 15, 1945. He arrived in his Motherland on Aug 21, 1945. More detailed info about Viktor´s death in the ´Death instead of Arrest´ Documentary: He was not an only one. Several others are mentioned on the website – Exhibition – Victims of the communist regime. But neither Waidlich nor Flight Mechanic E - LAC Vladislav Roubal are among them. The latter had been born on Dec 31, 1920 at the town of Semily. Service No 787133 Shot dead while escaping on Oct 15, 1951. Assistence of Mr Vaclav Waidlich – Viktor´s nephew - is much appreciated.

  • 16. 5. 2019

    Political Indoctrination

    It was experienced by Cz airmen at the Kubinka air base seventy five years ago. Out of question in the RAF for them.

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  • 15. 5. 2019

    Double Standard

    Seventy five year ago it was experienced by an excellent fighter pilot F/Lt Vaclav Jicha DFC [Venda Yeekha]

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  • 30. 4. 2019

    Consul Vladimir Znojemsky

    Eighty years ago he made establishing of No 1 Czechoslovak Military Group possible at Krakow.

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  • 31. 3. 2019

    Arnost Valenta

    He was shot dead seventy five years ago. As an only airman of fifty one Czechoslovak members of the RAF made POWs by the Germans during WWII

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  • 15. 3. 2019

    Humiliation Day

    Eighty years ago the inland of Bohemia and Moravia were occupied by the Wehrmacht.

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  • 11. 2. 2019

    Good Deeds of Joe Stehlik

    One of them was done by him seventy five years ago.

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  • 30. 1. 2019

    Eastern Front bound

    Seventy five years ago a Good Bye Party to the pilots leaving for the USSR was given at the Cz Inspectorate in London.

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  • 27. 12. 2018


    Hit of this blockade runner seventy years ago was the Czechoslovak No 311 Bomber Sqn´s achievement of utmost importance with the Coastal Command.

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  • 8. 11. 2018

    Oath of Allegiance to Republic of Czechoslovakia

    It was sworn by the combatants a hundred years ago

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  • 30. 10. 2018

    Henry Kostrba

    A hundred years ago he was made the Czechoslovakian Flying Corps´ CO

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  • 28. 9. 2018

    Too late

    Eighty years ago an Avia B 35 high performance monoplane prototype for the Czechoslovak Air Force made its maiden flight.

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  • 1. 9. 2018

    Holice Borough memorial

    It was unveiled yesterday. Dedicated to eight locals.

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  • 17. 8. 2018

    Not only three pilots

    A Memorial dedicated not only to three pilots – residents to the local Holice Borough of Olomouc – will be unveiled in the Freedom Village Green in two weeks.

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  • 17. 7. 2018

    Spitfire MkIXcs MK912 and ML407

    The both will be seen airborne in a ´Combat Dealers No II Series – BoB´ film on July 18, 2018.

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  • 2. 6. 2018

    BZ 743

    This first Lib was delivered to the Czechoslovak No 311 Bomber Sqn seventy five years ago.

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  • 7. 5. 2018

    One of a few

    One of Czech Aviation Pioneers Mr Eugen Cihak [Czihhahk] passed away eighty years ago.

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  • 28. 4. 2018

    Saved lives

    Seventy years ago during WWII the third case. A Czechoslovak crew of No 68 Night Fighter Sqn did not obey the Ground Control´s command to down a would be ´bandit´

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  • 15. 3. 2018

    Patriot aged sixteen

    Eager to join the Czechoslovak Foreign Army in France he made himself one year older in 1940.

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  • 24. 2. 2018

    Ready to take power

    Seventy years ago S/L Joe Bryks MBE and other officers - former RAF men - were taken away outside their garrison of Olomouc.

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  • 27. 1. 2018

    Armourer for first time

    Today F/Sgt Cyril Sklenar´s death anniversary is remembered by us

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  • 3. 1. 2018

    Forgotten victims

    Seventy five years ago about ten family members of both the RAF and the Land Army men were murdered in a gas chamber of the Auschwitz Extermination Camp.

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  • 22. 11. 2017

    Notice board

    It was erected seven months after unveiling a memorial dedicated to four heroes who had been born at the village of Topolany.

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  • 24. 10. 2017

    Infantry man Alexander Hess

    The first Commanding Officer of Cz No 310 Fighter Sqn was wounded twice on the Italian front during the Great War.

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  • 24. 10. 2017

    Acts of Bestiality

    The Nazis did so again in the bunker of the Mauthausen Extermination Camp seventy five years ago.

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  • 16. 9. 2017

    Four dead within eight nights

    Seventy five years ago the third and fourth grave of crewmen of No 68 Night Fighter Sqn´s Cz flight appeared in the Scottow Cemetery.

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  • 4. 9. 2017

    Prague - Tokyo

    A Czech made biplane Smolik 16.1 landed in a capital of Japan ninety years ago.

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  • 31. 8. 2017

    Two from Hrdiborice

    Two memorial plaques dedicated not only two pilots of the RAF have been in the Memorials Museums Subsection since today.

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  • 21. 7. 2017


    The last CO of No 311 Sqn under the Bomber Command met his death seventy five years ago.

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  • 30. 6. 2017

    Bullets for help to RAF airmen

    Seventy five years ago three men and two women were shot dead for their assistance to both ones.

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  • 16. 6. 2017

    Tribute not only to veterans

    A Promotion Decree for a Brigadier will be passed to a RAF veteran by the President of the Czech Republic in London today.

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  • 31. 5. 2017

    Fateful Millenium

    The only Cz airmen met his death on the first 1,000 Bomber raid of the RAF seventy five years ago.

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  • 20. 5. 2017

    Smolina Valasske Klobouky on May 27

    100th birhday anniversary of Col. Joseph Balejka is coming to climax on this day on purpose.

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  • 20. 4. 2017

    Memorial Plaque Slatinice Text

    It has just been posted in the ´Links´ Section ´Memorials and Museums´, ´Czech Rep´ Subsections as a tribute to StCpt Joseph Ocelka DFC.

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  • 11. 4. 2017

    New text on memorial

    It can be seen in the ´Links´ Section, ´Memorials-Museums´ and Ćzech Rep´ Subsections since today.

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  • 9. 4. 2017

    Plaque dedicated to LtCol Kubalik

    Will be unveiled on a wall of his No 47 native house at the village of Hrdiborice on Apr 27 after 4 p. m.

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  • 5. 4. 2017

    Plaque dedicated to three RAF members

    Will be unveiled on Sat Apr 15 at 2 p.m. in the vicinity of the Fallen Heroes Memorial at the village of Slatinice nr Olomouc.

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  • 10. 3. 2017

    Four gravestones of five crewmen

    We have the pictures of them thanks to Mr Petr Kretschmer´s visit to the Devizes Rd Cemy at Salisbury, Witshire.

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  • 2. 3. 2017

    Death in poverty

    This Czech aviator popular for his Pardubice - Prague distance flight passed away ninety years ago.

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  • 9. 2. 2017

    Memorial plaque in pipeline

    Will be unveiled in the park of the village of Topolany nr Olomouc at 2.30 p.m. on Apr 6.

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  • 8. 2. 2017

    Metodej Vlach

    This both designer and manufacturer of No 1 Czech powered aircraft passed away sixty years ago.

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  • 16. 12. 2016

    General Imrich Gablech

    The oldest Cz RAF veteran passed away this morning.

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  • 29. 11. 2016

    Step named after two RAF men

    It has been seen at the town of Uhersky Brod since Nov 15, 2016

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  • 22. 10. 2016

    Forgotten Kloboucnik

    One of two founders of the Czechoslovak Night Fighter Air Force met his death seventy five years ago.

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  • 6. 10. 2016

    Oct 6 2006

    A Reunion of not only the RAF veterans was held ten years ago.

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  • 24. 9. 2016

    Alan Dvorak 1941

    Today both the members of our CAA´s Plumlov Branch and the family of his brother Tony remember Alan´s 75 th death anniversary.

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  • 16. 7. 2016

    Tribute also to his wife

    On the fifth anniversary of interring Mrs Trudie Bryks´ urn in the tomb of her husband´s family we publish a text on Brig Joe Bryks MBE

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  • 29. 6. 2016

    Second treble notches

    A hundred years ago a Czech pilot of the Austro-Hungarian Empire´s AF Henry Kostrba became an air ace.

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  • 23. 5. 2016

    Alan Dvorak 1916

    Birthday anniversary of the our Patron is remembered by both the members of our CzAA´s Plumlov Branch and the family of his brother Tony.

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  • 29. 4. 2016

    Event to anniversary of No 313 Sqn

    Exhibition held to the 75th anniversary of this Cz Fighter Sqn´s coming into existence.

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  • 24. 4. 2016

    Named not only after airmen

    These streets will be not situated within the Cerny most Borough but the one of Letnany.

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  • 18. 3. 2016

    Tribute to Joseph Bryks MBE

    Today two commemorative events will be held in honour of his 100th birthday anniversary.

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  • 18. 2. 2016

    Kostrba for first time

    A hundred years ago this Czech pilot of No 4 Sqn of the Austrain-Hungarian AF downed two enemy aircraft and his third kill was shared. Later he even improved his one day score.

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  • 16. 1. 2016

    All hands lost for the first time

    Seventy five years ago the first complete crew of a Wellington belonging to Cz No 311 Sqn perished.

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  • 14. 12. 2015

    Pictures of memorial

    Today the 34th death anniversary of No 3 Cz Night Fighter Scorer is remembered by us.

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  • 10. 11. 2015

    You are invited

    Tomorow at 1500 hrs a memorial plaque dedicated to Col. Frantisek Taiber will be unveiled on a wall of a house where he lived.

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  • 4. 11. 2015


    The oldest Cz RAF veteran - Col Imrich Gablech - becomes a centenarian today.

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  • 31. 10. 2015

    Bohuslav Kovarik DFM

    Cz No 311 Sqn´s AG and later No 68 Sqn´s Radar Operator was born a hundred years ago.

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  • 28. 10. 2015

    Not only Sokol Promise

    On Statehood Day influence of the Sokol Sports Club´s ideas on the Cz RAF personel should not be forgotten.

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  • 5. 9. 2015

    Not only memorial plaque

    Dedicated to Col in mem Ladislav Bobek DFC will be unveiled in his birth place next Sat on the occasion of his 105th birthday anniversary.

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  • 19. 8. 2015

    None returned home

    Today death anniversary of an younger Ctvrtlik is remembered. Though several brothers served with Cz Sqns during WWII only in their case none of them survived.

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  • 9. 8. 2015

    Anniversary of Legend

    A man of principles G/Cpt Joseph Duda CBE was born a hundred and ten years ago.

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  • 6. 8. 2015

    Three forgotten heroes

    Three Czechs were arrested by the Gestapo German Secret Police in Yugoslavia seventy five years ago. They assisted in travelling of Cz volunteers towards Cz Foreign Troops via this country.

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  • 2. 7. 2015

    Oath of Allegiance

    It had been sworn by twenty eight newly commissioned F/Os at the Hranice Military Academy eighty years ago on the battle of Zborov anniversary.

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  • 9. 5. 2015

    Plaque to former Chairman

    It was unveiled on occasion of the sixtieth death anniversary of the Pre-WWII Chairman of the Czechoslovak Republic´s Airmen Association on his native house.

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  • 1. 5. 2015

    You are invited

    The event of unveiling a plaque dedicated to a former Chairman of the Czechoslovak Republic´s Airmen Association will be held on May 8 at 9 am

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  • 27. 4. 2015

    King of Air

    Seventy five years ago a legendary aerobat Cpt Frantisek Novak passed away.

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  • 27. 4. 2015

    Anniversary of accordion player

    Kitchen Chief of Cz 311 Bomber Sqn Mr Florian Jahoda was born a hundred and ten years ago.

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  • 12. 4. 2015

    Operation Ostrava

    Seventy years ago Cz members of Nos 1 and 3 Regs of the 1st Mixed Air Division saw action in the Ostrava Region´s Liberation.

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  • 29. 3. 2015

    No three plaque to Col Stehlik

    The third memorial plaque dedicated to three campaign fighter ace was unveiled at Slavicin yesterday.

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  • 26. 3. 2015

    Anniversary of sure shot hunter

    Col. Joseph Stehlik was born a hundred years ago. This Sat a memorial plaque dedicated to him is to be unveiled at the town of Slavicin.

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  • 14. 2. 2015

    Third plaque in memory of Venda

    Today at two p.m. No three plaque dedicated to Col. Vaclav JichaDFC AFC will be unveiled.

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  • 17. 12. 2014

    Synthetic oil targets

    Both the RAF at night and the USAF went on bombing refineries not only within the territory of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. Those made of coal not only both aviation and automotive fuels.

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  • 4. 11. 2014

    Blessed anniversary

    Today is ninety nine Col Imrich Gablech.

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  • 8. 10. 2014

    Two anniversaries of ace

    Today the 74th birth anniversary of the BoB´s Cz ace is remembered. He would have been a centenarian yesterday.

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  • 17. 9. 2014

    Double anniversary

    Today both the events of Sep 17 1939 in Poland and one occuring five years later in the Central Slovakia are remembered.

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  • 9. 9. 2014

    Route of the Balkans

    Seventy five years ago the first combatant-style set up group of Cz volunteers left Beograd for France. There were sixteen of them during September.

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  • 7. 9. 2014

    Further memorial

    Yesterday the second memorial to Sgt Josef Frantisek was unveiled.

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  • 2. 9. 2014

    First casualties

    Three Cz airmen met their deaths just seventy years ago.

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  • 21. 8. 2014

    Further gravestones of Cz airmen

    The images of the gravestones of the Cz airmen laid to rest within Midlands during WWII can be seen on web.

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  • 7. 8. 2014

    First named victim

    Seventy five years ago the first person, whose name is known by us, was shot dead by the German border guard while attempting to cross the Polish border line.

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  • 16. 7. 2014

    100th birthday anniversary

    Today at 10 am a remembrance ceremony of a patriot Henry Prokop was held at the Prostejov Local Cem´s Urn Dpt

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  • 8. 7. 2014

    Winged Lion in Memorials Museums Subsection

    The Winged Lion Memorial unveiled at the Klarov Park in the Lesser Town District of Prague in the vicinity of the Green A line´s Malostranska tube station on June 17, 2014 was added to the above mentioned subsection of our website´s Links.

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  • 7. 7. 2014

    Info needed

    A person related to F/O Otakar Korec seeks information on the below mentioned F/Os who graduated together with Otakar from the Hranice Military Academy on July 2, 1935.

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  • 24. 6. 2014

    U 971 vs No 311 Sqn

    Seventy years ago two blips appeared on a radar screen of the Liberator ´O ´of the Czechoslovak No 311 Bomber Squadron NW of the Brest Peninsula. Having acted accordingly the crew captained by P/O Jan Vella eyewitnessed the following reaction of the Allied vessels. In WWII no more crewmen of No 311 Sqn were lucky to enjoy.

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  • 17. 6. 2014

    New Memorial

    Today a Memorial dedicated to the Czechoslovak RAF servicemen will be unveiled at the Lesser Town District of Prague. The statue of a winged lion was brought from the foundary to its site yesterday.

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  • 12. 5. 2014

    Jackpot was hit

    Seventy years ago a STW synthetic oil plant at Zaluzi nr Most under the Ore Mts was bombed for the first time during WWII. A soft link of the Third Reich war machine was hit on that day.

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  • 30. 4. 2014

    Neglected acts of bravery

    Masterminded by a Vice-Consul Mr Vladimir Henzl a Czechoslovak Foreign Military Group was established in the Polish town of Krakow seventy five years ago. F/O Jiri Kral became its leader three weeks later.

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  • 24. 3. 2014

    Four in Fifty

    A memorial to four murdered participants of the ´Great Escape´ was unveiled in the Most cemetery two years ago. The town called Brux under the German Protectorate is situated in the region of North Bohemia.

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  • 24. 3. 2014

    Great Escape 70

    Not only the families of Arnost Valenta and Joseph Bryks MBE are among the attendees of the ´Great Escape´ remembrance ceremony just held at Zagan, Poland. Also Mr Michal Holy who iniciated the building of the Memorial to four in fifty victims at the town of Brux ie Most is present.

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  • 12. 3. 2014

    Birth Anniversary of Joseph Tomanek

    Today we remember the birth anniversary of the Cz No 311 Bomber Sqn´s pilot. On Jan 2 his death was mentioned.

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  • 20. 2. 2014

    The last one

    Sadly we have to advise of the death of Brigadier Miroslav Standera who passed away in Pilsen yesterday aged ninety five. He was the last Czechoslovak fighter pilot who took part in the 1940 French Campaign.

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  • 10. 2. 2014

    Anniversary of Venda

    Today at 4 p.m. a remebrance ceremony will be held in memory of a famous RAF pilot Col in mem Vaclav JIcha DFC AFC front his No 105 native house at Dnesice. It is his 100th birth anniversary.

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  • 1. 2. 2014


    Seventy years ago twenty one Czechoslovak airmen terminated their service with the Royal Air Force and went to fight in the Eastern front. Four of them met their deaths and one was made POW within this theatre of operations.

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  • 19. 1. 2014

    Gravestones of further nine

    Thanks to the website you can find pictures of not only nine gravestones of the nine Cz RAF servicemen there from Jan 18.

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  • 2. 1. 2014

    Anniversary of Grief

    The Wellington T 2553 KX-B was allotted to the Czechoslovak No 311 Bomber Sqn. Her co-pilot Sgt Josef Tomanek as well as her navigator F/O Joseph Mohr met their deaths just seventy two years ago. We post a text of recalls of the former´s sister. Put on paper by her grand-daughter.

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  • 26. 11. 2013

    Otakar Korec remembered

    The text is a brainchild of a great-grand-nephew Mathias Korec aged eleven. It was scheduled to be posted on the 105 anniversary of the No I/3 Groupe de Chasse´s pilot. Thoroughness of his mother in gathering information has been proved not only by the bibliography as follows.

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  • 11. 11. 2013

    St Clement Danes Church

    A film excerpt on the Czech Airmen Association members´ visit to the Central Church of the Royal Air Force was posted today on the 95th anniversary of the Great War´s Armistice.

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  • 2. 10. 2013

    Otakar Hruby Remembrance

    A Ceremony paying tribute to a RAF pilot - one of the ´Few´- will be given by the Nova Paka Municipality on Nov 1, 2013. This event has been under preparation in co-operation with the Prague Historical Institute and the Czech Campaigners for Freedom Association It will be held on the pilot´s birthday centenary.

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  • 1. 10. 2013

    Tribute to Vlastimil Vesely in Jicin

    On Monday Oct 14 at 1800 hrs an Vlastimil Vesely documents and images exhibition will be opened at the Vaclav Ctvrtek library at the town of Jicin. The exhibition was prepared by Mr Martin Vrana from Brno who is a grandson of another pilot of the B Flight of No 68 Night Fighter Sqn – F/Lt Ladislav Bobek DFC.

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  • 27. 9. 2013

    Josef Frantisek Remembrance

    On Sat Oct 5 a Remembrance Ceremony will be held at the village of Otaslavice on a birthday centenary of its well-known resident. The event will be dedicated to the best scoring pilot of BoB Sgt. Josef Frantisek DFM&Bar who served with the Polish No 303 ´Tadeusz Kosziuszko´ Fighter Sqn. He was the first Cz pilot awarded with DFM.

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  • 23. 9. 2013

    IWM and Sep 23, 1938 Mobilization

    A Mobilization Decree made public seventy five years ago in the town of Bystrice pod Hostynem is seen in a ground floor of the IWM Lambeth Rd, London. Visitors´ attention is drawn to this window not only by a poster ´Poznej svoji armádu ´ but also by a Czechoslovak helmet and a pistol.

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  • 20. 9. 2013

    Tribute to Vlastimil Vesely at Horice

    Just today a birthday centenary of a Cz Flight´s CO of No 68 Night Fighter Sqn is remembered.

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  • 1. 9. 2013

    Ata remembered

    A Remembrance Ceremony of the first CO of No 68 Night Fighter Sqn´s Cz B Flight S/L Vlastimil Vesely DFC will be held at his native town of Horice on his 100th anniversary on Sep 20.

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  • 23. 8. 2013

    IWM Duxford on web

    A part of the ´Battle of Britain´film was shot at Duxford fourty five years ago. That reason for thirteen excerpts on visit of the Czech Airmen Associations´ members there on Jul 3, 2004 were posted now. All thirteen are seen in the ´Documentaries´ Section too.

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  • 9. 8. 2013

    Further pictures of gravestones

    Thanks to the website you can find there from yesterday twenty seven images of the gravestones of the Cz RAF members laid to rest in ten graveyards of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset in the text ´Not Forgotten – West Country´.

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  • 6. 8. 2013

    Sgt Jan Krivda

    This pilot of Cz No 311 Bomber Sqn would have celebrated his 100 today.

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  • 21. 7. 2013

    Book worth reading

    On the anniversary of W/C Josef Ocelka´s DFC death we advise of the book, in which No 311 Sqn´s CO also mentioned was.

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  • 19. 7. 2013

    Plaque to Otakar Korec

    Today a picture of a further plaque was added to the ´Museums and Memorials´ subsection of the ´Links´ Section.

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  • 6. 7. 2013

    Bomber Hall on web

    From today both the excerpts from the RAF Museum Hendon´s Bomber Hall can be seen on the youtube website.

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  • 4. 6. 2013

    June 4, 2004

    A RAF Museum Hendon, N London, was visited by a group of the Czech Airmen´s Association´s members nine years ago.

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  • 2. 6. 2013

    Ladislav Bobek DFC

    He was the oldest graduate from the Prostejov Military Academy seen in the ´RAF´Exhibition and No 2 scoring fighter pilot of Cz B Flight of No 68 Night Fighter Sqn.

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  • 26. 5. 2013

    Beaulieu May 26 1943

    Seventy years ago Cz No 311 Bomber Sqn moved to Beaulieu, Hampshire and its aircrews converted to B-24 heavies.

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  • 9. 5. 2013

    FuG202 had by Allies

    Importance of the event that had occured seventy years ago resulted in its listing among the 1943 ones on No 412 pg of the ´Chronicle of Aviation´ Book.

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  • 28. 4. 2013

    In Czech already

    Having been translated into a Slovak language in the past, this text has also been available in Czech since today.

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  • 7. 4. 2013

    Gravestones in Scotland

    Thanks to the website you can see the gravestones of thirty-five Cz airmen laid to rest at twelve cemeteries within Scotland.

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  • 6. 4. 2013

    Exhibition updates

    The visitors to the Plumlov Castle can see the only of four original Exhibitions on the first floor during this season.

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  • 1. 4. 2013

    Mustang on revolving pad

    A P51D Mustang is being turned round slowly in the Milestones of Flight Hall of the RAF Museum Hendon for more than seven and a half minutes.

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  • 22. 3. 2013

    Brookwood updated

    On the 103rd anniversary of birthday of Cz No 311 Bomber Sqn´s navigator William Kauders MC three matters were updated on the website today.

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  • 24. 2. 2013

    Film on web

    All the 709 pictures of the ´Wings of Victory´ Film have been posted on You Tube.

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  • 24. 2. 2013

    Gravestones in Wales

    Thanks to the ´Not forgotten´ article posted on the, also you can see the gravestones of ten Czechoslovak airmen laid to rest here during WWII.

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  • 23. 1. 2013

    St Ethelbert Churchyard

    Yesterday and today the pictures of the Czechoslovak airmen laid to rest in St. Ethelbert Churchyard, East Wreatham, Norfolk were updated.

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  • 20. 12. 2012

    Honington Suffolk on Dec 20 1940

    Seventy two years ago three crewmen of T2577 were laid to rest in the All Saints Churchyard at Honington by No 311 Sqn´s members. Today the five pictures by Mr Bohous Krivda taken in July 2005 were added to the list of the cemeteries on English soil - see the Links Section, ´Cz airmen´s Cems abroad´ Subsection, the ´Cz airmen´s Cemeteries abroad´ article.

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  • 9. 12. 2012

    Schoolchildren kep their eyes on a grave

    We express our thanks and tribute to all the members of the Tourist Youth Club and their leaders at the town of Velke Hamry.

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  • 17. 11. 2012

    Two pictures added

    Two pictures of the Prostejov RAF men Memorial were added today.

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  • 24. 10. 2012

    Mauthausen Oct 24 1942

    Seventy years ago at 0850 hrs was pregnant Mrs Alena Vyhnisova, related to a RAF fighter pilot W/O Jaroslav Vyhnis, shot dead in the back of her neck inside a ´bunker´ of the Mauthausen Extermination Camp.

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  • 18. 10. 2012

    KX-B Memorial Unveiling

    Yesterday families of all six crewmembers of the KX-B Wellington of the Cz No 311 Bomber Sqn were flown to Holland onboard an airliner of the Czech Air Force.

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  • 18. 10. 2012

    Oct 18 1942 T2564

    No 311 Bomber Sqn lost fourteen its members in a crash of T2564 Wellington seventy years ago

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  • 5. 10. 2012

    A new article posted

    Mr Tom Dolezal posted the ´Memorial Plaque unveiling Ceremony – Prostejov´ article on the website yesterday.

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  • 17. 9. 2012

    Sept 17, 1942

    Ordered by Karl Hermann Frank numerous arrests were made seventy years ago. The families of the Czechoslovak RAF members were focused too.

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  • 7. 9. 2012

    Come and see in three weeks

    We invite you for the event held at the Airmen Memorial, Prostejov Cemetery on Sep 28 at 11 am.

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  • 9. 8. 2012

    Five years ago

    We attach an article on the No 311 Sqn´s Memorail Unveiling Ceremony held at the St Duthus Cem Tain, Highland to this update on the fifth anniversary of the event. Eighteen Cz members of No 311 Bomber Sqn were burried there.

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  • 1. 8. 2012

    Thirty seven Museums more

    Today a list of some Air Museums in the New World, Africa, Europe Mainland and Asia was posted. It comes from several issues of the Fly Past monthly.One Memorial, one Monument and four museums were added to the Museum and Memorials Great Britain article in the Links Section late July.

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  • 15. 7. 2012

    Seventy years ago

    On operations with Coastal Command for a month, Czechoslovak No 311 Sqn lost its first crew.

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  • 8. 7. 2012

    May 8, 1992

    Exactly twenty years and two months ago a plaque was unveiled on the wall of Master of Chocen´s Elementary School in the town of Chocen. NOTE : John of Chocen was a member of the Prague Utraquist Administrator´s board of advisors.

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  • 25. 6. 2012

    Last time over Bremen

    Taking part in 1,000 raid on Bremen on the night of 25/26 June 1942 the Cz No 311 Sqn said its final G.B. to Bomber Command. This target was very unpopular in our airmen due to a loss of one aircraft nearly on each previous sortie.

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  • 23. 6. 2012

    Evening ofJune 23 1942

    Exactly seventy years ago an event of such an importance had occured that it was mentioned on No 405 pg of the Chronicle of Aviation and the pilot of Cz No 310 Fighter Sqn F/Sgt Frantisek Trejtnar has much in common.

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  • 11. 6. 2012

    A plaque to the children

    Today at 10 a.m. the plaque was unveiled on a wall of the Jeneralka Chateau in No 6 Prague Dejvice District.

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  • 10. 6. 2012

    Cz No 311 Sqn and Lidice

    Seventy years ago the Sqn just was on its move by sea and air to its new base of Talbenny on the South-West coast of Wales.

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  • 30. 5. 2012

    Operation Millenium 70

    We remember the 70th anniversary of the first 1,000 - bomber raid on the night of 30/31 May. Also the Cz airmen were sent on this sortie.

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  • 12. 5. 2012

    Memorial unveiled

    Today an article on the May 8 Unveiling Ceremony was posted by Mr Tom Dolezal on the website.

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  • 29. 4. 2012

    A new Memorial

    On May 8 at 11 a.m. a new Airmen´s Memorial will be unveiled at the Brno - Turany Airport.

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  • 24. 4. 2012

    East Wreatham

    On April, 1942 the first Chapter of Cz No 311 Sqn´s History ceased to exist.

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  • 9. 4. 2012

    Svatoborice Internment Camp 70

    The Reunion of the Internees and their families will be held on Sep 15, 2012 in the village of Svatoborice-Mistrin on the 70th anniversary of the first detainees´arrival at the camp.

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  • 2. 4. 2012

    KX-B Memorial

    The daughter of the first pilot of the KX-B twin-engined Wellington bomber has been trying to perpetuate the event of January 3, 1942.

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  • 22. 3. 2012

    Brookwood updated

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  • 11. 3. 2012

    Anniversary of German Occupation

    The Article ´Occupation 1939´will be available also in Czech on the website.

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  • 1. 3. 2012

    Appeal to Owners of Urns

    Since the Unveiling of the RAF men Memorial in 1998 its Crypt will be opened for the first time.

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  • 16. 2. 2012

    Two texts more

    Thanks to Mr Tom Dolezal and the website you are give an opportunity

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  • 29. 1. 2012

    Feb 1948 vs Cz RAF members

    On the 74th anniversary of the Feb 25 Communist Coup in Czechoslovakia an remarkable article based on an eyewitness account of these events - a former Cz member of the RAF - was posted on the website six days ago.

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  • 23. 1. 2012

    Son of a pilot sought

    A great-niece of a pilot of No 310 Sqn would like to contact his son Jaroslav.

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  • 6. 1. 2012

    Nassau War Cem

    Thanks to the website you can see not only all the gravestones of the six Cz airmen who met their death on Aug 7, 1943.

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  • 29. 12. 2011

    Graves in the La Targette Cem

    Thanks to the website you can see here twenty-nine gravestones of the Cz airmen who had been burried in this Cemetery.

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  • 14. 12. 2011

    Three Cems in Poland

    On Dec 11 Mr Tom Dolezal posted the pictures of five Cz. Airmen´s gravestones who had been laid to rest in the cemeteries of Poznan, Balonna nr Deblin and Belzyce nr Lublin.

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  • 1. 12. 2011

    Graves in Belgium

    This article seen on the website gives not only a picture of three gravestones of the Cz. airmen laid to rest in the three different Belgian cemeteries.

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  • 21. 11. 2011

    One added to No RAF04

    Today another airman serving with the RAF was posted on the RAF04 Panel.

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  • 20. 11. 2011

    Budapest Cem

    Thanks to Mr Tom Dolezal and the website you can see a gravestone of another Cz. airman.

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  • 17. 11. 2011

    A Memorial more

    Today an article on the Memorial in the village of Celechovice in the Hana Region was posted in the Links Section, Memorial and Museums Subsection.

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  • 5. 11. 2011

    Names in El Alamein

    Tom Dolezal posted an article Not Forgotten Egypt on the website yesterday.

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  • 31. 10. 2011

    Graves in the Azores

    The RAF station established here on Oct 8, 1943 as a result of the agreement between Great Britain and Portugal played key role in the Battle of Atlantic.

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  • 24. 10. 2011

    Graves in Holland

    Since Oct 23 Cz Airmen´s gravestones are seen in one country more.

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  • 13. 10. 2011

    Three changes more

    To the date of Oct 13, 2011

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  • 30. 9. 2011

    Assistance needed

    Twelve more pictures of the Czechoslovaks of no name.

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  • 24. 9. 2011

    Sep 24, 1941

    Patron of our No 9 CzAA´s Branch lost his life on that day.

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  • 19. 9. 2011

    A year ago

    Only a few people in this country have their idea of the vicinity within which were the Czechoslovaks serving with the RAF and meeting their death in WWII and the Cz Ex-Servicemen laid.

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  • 14. 9. 2011

    Photo Recognition

    The Czechoslovaks who deserve identifying

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  • 11. 9. 2011

    Info needed

    Having been adressed by Ex-Serviceman Col Arnost Polak from the Free Czechoslovak Air Force Association we have tried to get info mentioned below, but in vain. So we ask for your help.

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  • 9. 9. 2011

    Links Section updated

    Four changes having been made to date in this Section.

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  • 29. 8. 2011

    Brookwood in a textbook


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  • 23. 8. 2011


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  • 6. 8. 2011

    Tables in English

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  • 28. 7. 2011

    Three anniversaries

    On Lt Col Bohumil Rysanek who was firm friend of W/Cdr Joseph Ocelka.

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  • 29. 6. 2011

    Nos 01- 25 Panels

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  • 24. 6. 2011

    Aug 29,1944 in English

    An English version on No 15 USAAF 2nd BG`s Black Friday was added incl four images.

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  • 22. 6. 2011

    Reunions in English

    Today an English version of both the articles on the Oct 6, 2006 and Nov 9, 2007 Reunions were posted today.

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  • 21. 6. 2011

    Helicopter in English

    An English version of an article on incursion and forced landing of an Austrian helicopter in Czechoslovakia on May 23, 1978 was posted today.

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  • 20. 6. 2011

    Articles on the Svatoborice Internment Camp

    Thanks to cooperation with Mrs Navatilova - daughter of No 311 Sqn airman Florian Jahoda - two articles were posted today also in English. And the others are in pipeline.

  • 17. 12. 2010

    Air battle over Hana Region

    On Dec 17, 1944 2/Lt Rountree landed with his damaged P-38 Lightning No 44-24666 between the village of Kralice and the town of Prostejov. His plane burnt and its pilot was made POW.

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