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9th branch Airmen Association of the Czech Republic

Expozice „Dvořák“



From left firm friends Sgts Vaclav Horak and Alois Dvorak [Vahtslav Horrahk] The former became a pilot of two-engined Bristol Beaufighters and De Havillland Mosquitos as a member of the B Czechoslovak Flight of the No 68 Night Fighter Squadron. He succeeded in surviving the World War Two and died on February 6, 1979.


Cosford Depot August 1, 1940. L to R : Schor Karel, Dvorak Alois, Sala Jaroslav and Hajek Jaroslav - a pilot.[Skhorzh Kurrael, Dvorzhahk Ulloys, Shahla Yarroslav, Hahyaeck Yarroslav] NOTE : Another Jaroslav Hajek served with No 311 Bomber Sqn as a Wireless Operator.
- Charles Schor had 58 sorties on his sheet as a No 311 Sqn pilot of Wellington as well as Liberator bombers. WWII  was survived by him, but he was imprisoned for 10 years by the Communist Regime in 50s. Karel Schor passed away on March 17, 1986.
A pilot Jaroslav Sala serving with the 310 and 313 Czechoslovak Fighter Sqns was killed in action on Jan 29, 1943, downed by German Fw 190s. A No 311 Sqn pilot Jaroslav Hajek succeeded to celebrate the V-Day. He died on September 23, 1995.

Sgt. Alois Dvorak and his gril friend Eileen at the town of Woverhampton on September 3, 1940. Joseph Dvorak remembers she is said to work in the Cosford Depot canteen.
We have some snaps more. There is Eileen coming to Vrahovice after WW II one one of them. Accompanied by her mother, Eileen intended to take Alois`s father Antonin to England. He refused.

Sgt. Ulloys Dvorak is being welcomed after his operational flight at Duxford RAF on Feb 21, 1941. He did damage to a Me 109 German fighter.
From left : S/Ldr Jeffries-Latimer /handing the gloves/, Sgt. Brezovsky Frantisek, Sgt. Alois Dvorak on a wing, F/Lt Frantisek Dolezal with his hand akimbo, F/O Vladimir Zaoral wearing light shoes, F/O Josef Jan Hanus [ Brzhaezovskee Fruntyishaeck, Vladdyimeer Zaorrul, Yozzaeph Yan Hannoosh]
- S/Ldr. J. Jeffries-Latimer commanded the B Flight of the Czechoslovak No 310 Fighter Squadron first. As he as Sgt. Dvorak were shot by JG 26 German fighters over Kent on November 5, 1940. Both made belly landing. Later he underwent conversion on Lancanster heavy bombers and was killed in action as a No 106 pilot.
- Frantisek Brezovsky died on February 15, 1959.
- Although W/Cdr Frantisek Dolezal DSO, DFC outlived lots of his friends perishing in WW II, he was killed in a crash on October 4, 1945 already.
- F/O Vladimir Zaoral was killed on November 19, 1941 at Dyce while practicing tug-target gunnery.Flying into an only cloud in the sky, he failed to recover a spin. Burried at the Aberdeen Old Cemetery not far from Sgt. Dvorak.  When The Czechoslovak No 310 Fighter Squadron was visited by the Majesties on January 16, 1941,  F/O Zaoral was playing the " half-penny " table game with her. After the WW II a plaque was unveiled in his honour  at the village of Tvorovice C Moravia. When the Communists seized the power, father of Vladimir Zaoral had taken the plaque away cause the Communist appatchiks intended to destroy it. This plaque was rehung in 2002. Burrried in the No 33 grave, Dyce Old Cemetery.
- P/O Josef Hanus DFC. His effort to became a Flight Commander of the Nos 310, 312 and 313 Fighter Sqns  was fruitless. That reason for he swapped to the British No 32 and 245 Sqn. He insisted to become an Commanding Officer of the Czechoslovak B Flight of No 68 Night Fighter Squadron. Again in vain. So he travelled to the North
   Africa and piloting an Beaufighter VI F of No 600 Sqn he claimed five victoreis. Josef Hanus DFC survived the war and  died in England on April 21, 1992.


Sgt. Ulloys Dvorak and a mascot of a No 310 Sqn a female Scottish Terrier Mita [Meetya] front of a Huricanne II A fighter at the Dyce AF, Scotland. The Czechoslovak No 310 Fighter Squadron was deployed here from July 19 to December 14, 1941. 


Sgt. Dvorak`s [Dvorzhahk] funeral - RAF Dyce September 29, 1941. He is being carried by : from L Sgts Josef Dygryn, Chlup Jaroslav and Miloslav Petr [ Jozzaeph Dygreen, Yarroslav Khloop, Milloslav Paetr.Only a Czechoslovak sentry Pasa [Pasha] in the background right was recognized by Mr. Popelka.
- Josef Dygryn-Ligoticky was proclaimed missing presumely killed after his night-time flight on June 4, 1942 as a member of No 1 British Squadron. Jaroslav Chlup born on June 28, 1919 in the village of Ohrozim - just next to the one of Plumlov where Alois Dvorak born was - had to bail due to the engine failure. But he did not succeeded to unstrap the harness on his touching the surface of the Channel. Sgt. Chlup fell vicitim to the severe wind hauling the silk being drowned.


The Dyce Old Cemetery September 29, 1941. The coffin with Sgt. Alois Dvorak is just being laid into the grave. Sgt. Miroslav Petr left to the HROBNIK, Sgts Jaroslav Chlup and Frantisek Mlejnecky to the right of him.[ Ulloys Dvorzhahk, Mirroslav Paetr, Yarroslav Khloop, Frantyishaeck Mlaynaetskee] NOTE : Sgt. Mlejnecky was downed by the German fighters of Jagd Gruppe 26 on November 5, 1940 over Kent too. He took the silk, Sgt. Dvorak made his emergency landing at Gravesend Roche. 


Dyce Old Cemetery - now the suburbs of Aberdeen. The coffin with the remains of Sgt. Alois Dvorak is being burried into the No 29 grave.

Hřbitov v Dyce 29. září 1941. Rakev s četařem Aloisem Dvořákem spouští vlevo od hrobníka čet. Petr Miloslav, vpravo od hrobníka četaři Chlup Jaroslav a Mlejnecký František.

A Vrahovice basic school in the Majakovsky St. [Mayakovsky] You can see the wrong first name of Alois Dvorak here possibly mistaken for his father`s or brother`s one, Antonin [Anttonnyeen]. In adddition, there is one more name of a RAF airman on this plaque. Sgt. Adolf Podivinsky [ Adolph Poddyiveenskee] was killed in action on his mere second sortie as a tail gunner serving with the Czechoslovak No 311 Bomber Squadron on March 3, 1942. Burried in the town of Creil, France.
Joseph Dvorak - a step-brother of Alois Dvorak - remembers his father`s and Adolph Podivinsky`s becoming firm friends after the World War Two.



Sgt. Aloiseś Dvorak obituary notice.


NOTE : The name of Alois Dvorak can bee seen by the Czech visitors to London too - in particular on the Battle of Britain Memorial unveiled on Sept 18, 2005 on Queen Victoria
Embankment across the river of Thames of the London Eye. There are eighty eight names of the Czechoslovak airmen who take part in the Battle of Britain till October  31, 1940 there.



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