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Hit of this blockade runner seventy years ago was the Czechoslovak No 311 Bomber Sqn´s achievement of utmost importance with the Coastal Command.

Heading for Bordeaux the Alsterufer sailed from Japan. It crossed the Atlantic having passed Terra del Fuego. The succesful bombing of the ´H´ Lib at 1607 hrs on Dec 27, 1943 is mentioned by Mr Martin W. Bowman in his ´B 24 Liberator 1939 – 1945´ Book. First publishing in 1989. Reprinted by the Patrick Stephens Limited six years later.

This event was detailed by Mr. Tom Dolezal – the skipper´s son - five years ago. It can be seen on : There are two coloured pictures in the above mentioned text – both location of the Alsterufer´s sinking in the Gulf of Biscay and a telegram adressed to No 311 Sqn. The latter announced an approval of His Majesty to award the DFC as to a Lib´s skipper as a bombardier. This proposal had been made by the CC´s HQ.

The other pictures in the text are black and white. The ones of each eight crewman of BZ 796 ´H,´ seven images of the blockade runner taken by an AG Kosek [Koshek] and three ones with captions in the Illustrated London News dated to Jan 8,1944. Also an image of the last living crewman Brigadier Ivan Schwarz can be seen there. Sgt Schwarz manned his double 0.5 cal magine gun in the top gun turret during the BZ 796 attack.

Mr Ivan Schwarz can be seen in both the fourth and the sixth pictures of the ´Anniversary of Willy Kauders Funeral´ HERE. This veteran visited the Castle of Plumlov on June 7, 2008 to see the Wings of Victory Exhibition there. He corrected the caption of the fourth picture in the top row on No 23 panel ie No 285 picture on the website – HERE. Both was put right but the film had been dubbed in 2004. So those words - Stan Hunacek´s crew - are incorrect.

Mr Jiri Sulc [George Shults] who had authored the ´Stonewall Operation´ Book on the Alsterufer sinking sent one copy as to Mr Ivan Schwarz as to Mr Tom Dolezal in the same year of publishing2011.

NOTE : Brigadier Ivan Schwarz passed away in England on Feb 1,2017.