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Oath of Allegiance to Republic of Czechoslovakia


It was sworn by the combatants a hundred years ago

It was cited by Captain Jaroslav Rosicky for hundreds of the men in arms at the John Hus Monument in Old Town Square Prague. Not only for the members of No 28 Inf Reg nicknamed ´Children of Prague´

On the same day the Flight Corps was honing the idea masterminded by Cpt. Henry Kostrba. Both the aircraft and spare parts of the Austro-Hungarian AF´s No 16 EFTS deployed near the town of Cheb ie Eger were to be seized by the Czech unit. The pilots were ordered to ferry all the airworthy ones to Prague via Pilsen –

But the Great War was not over in the Western front on Nov 8, 1918. Outnumbered the Czech pilot Vilem Stanovsky flying Spad VIIC was severely injured on that day. Apart from Henry Kostrba Vilem Stanovsky was another person of the Czechoslovak Air Force -



Nos 28/Prague/ and 35/Pilsen/ Inf Regs had returned to their Motherland from the Italian theatre of operations a few days ago. The some belonging to the latter one took part in the Cheb airport raid.


Po zapadlých stopách českých vojáků z Julských Alp k Jadranu ie Following the covered footsteps of the Czech men in arms from the Giullo Alps to the Adriatic by Joseph Vrican The Ondrej Havlik Publ 2008